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Web 2.0 Style Website Design

Web 2.0 Style Website Design offers the web as a platform of services wherein applications and people can easily interact to collaborate and share information. 

Web 2.0 Style Website Design sites often feature a rich, user-friendly interface based on Ajax, Flex or similar rich media. The sites may also have social-networking aspects. 

What is Web 2.0 Style Website Design
  • New wave of compelling Internet applications
  • Web as a platform for sharing and collaborating
  • New application paradigms and technologies:
    •    Blogs, Wikis, RSS, Podcasting, AJAX, Mashups
    •    Tags and folksonomies
  • Dynamic content controlled by users not webmasters
    •    Unidirectional publishing versus two-way street
  • Social networks
  • Fuzzy - best characterized by example:
    •    Flikr, iGoogle,, digg,, MySpace
Web 2.0 Style Website Design technologies include the following
  • Social Networking: Websites that provide a forum for like minded people to meet and interact with each other such as    MySpace, Facebook, Flickr etc.
  • RSS Feeds: A mechanism by which people distribute and syndicate content.
  • Blogs: Provides users with an easy mechanism to publish content on the web.
  • Social Bookmarking: Allows users to categorize and store a list of resources collated from all over the web. Others, in turn,    can search and view these lists.
  • APIs: Enable applications to interact with each other.
  • Rich Internet Applications: Provide a faster and more interactive and dynamic browsing experience to the users by using    technologies such as AJAX, Flash etc.
  • Wikis: A means for people to collaborate and publish content on the Internet.

We at Netwin, with our sound knowledge and broad experience, are ready to help you meet the requirements of the new generation of Web delivering:

  • Next-generation Portals
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Composite Applications
  • Software as a Service Applications
  • Enterprise Mash-ups

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