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User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing gives the confidence that the application delivered meets the requirements of the end user. It also helps to detect bugs that affect the usability of the application. Acceptance Testing is the formal testing conducted to determine whether a software system satisfies its acceptance criteria and to enable buyer to determine whether to accept the system or not. Acceptance testing is designed to determine whether software is fit for use or not. 

Netwin TestCeL fully understands and appreciates that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is driven by the user requirements that are typically fluid and subject to review and change. 

We work with our customers right from the requirement definition stage to effectively participate and manage the user acceptance testing process. 

Netwin TestCeL’s User Acceptance Testing Services validate end-to-end business process, system transactions and user access, confirms the system or application is functionally fit for use and behaves as expected. Also, identifies areas where user needs are not included in the system or the needs are incorrectly specified or interpreted in the system. 

Netwin TestCeL recognizes that the specific focus during UAT should be in terms of the exact real world usage of the application. Our UAT testing will be done in an environment that simulates the real world or production environment. The test cases are written using real world scenarios based on the requirements of the users of the application. The test team develops test scenarios, and scenario-based testing is used to conduct User Acceptance Testing. 

We conduct complete User Acceptance Testing in the following areas:

  • Rollout of new products
  • Migration from one software to another
  • Enhancement releases

Netwin TestCeL Services involves participation from our customers, as UAT is basically driven by the user requirements, so customers are involved to review and change. Interaction with the customers’ right from the requirement definition stage is carried out to effectively participate in and manage the UAT process. UAT at Netwin TestCeL starts with the Business Requirement documents, Black Box testing approach is used to achieve full-coverage of the end-to-end business scenarios and to detect critical defects in the client’s existing system. 

Our user acceptance testing service helps software vendors and business software users to assure themselves that their software has met the right purpose. It also identifies areas where user needs are not included in the system or the needs are incorrectly specified or interpreted in the system. 

We provide full services for organisations that are carrying out User Acceptance Testing. And we have applied these services for a huge range of situations across all the main business sectors 

User Acceptance Testing at Netwin TestCeL uncovers the following areas:
  • Documentation
  • Usability
  • Data Integrity
  • Functional Correctness and Completeness
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • Reliability and Availability
  • Confidentiality and Availability
  • Scalability

Our test team have experience in User Acceptance Testing and is able to assist you with everything that is required for a successful UAT phase. We provide good support for planning, and executing the testing for you if you should wish to have an external user base to test your application, which is especially relevant for retail software compared to in-house packages. 

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