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Regression Testing

The purpose of regression testing is to detect unexpected faults—especially those faults that occur because a developer did not fully understand the internal code correlations when he or she modified or extended code that previously functioned correctly. Regression testing is the only reliable way to ensure that modifications did not introduce new errors into code or to check whether modifications successfully eliminated existing errors. 

Netwin TestCeL provides regression testing for all application changes that are made to the system for various reasons like release upgrades and compliances. Our well established testing processes help us in providing accurate independent quality assurance for system changes on a consistent basis. The testing will ensure that all functional aspects of the system are thoroughly tested and proven with no impact to the existing functionality of the system. 

Regression Testing Services at Netwin TestCeL are based on over vast domain expertise and process automation. We combine proprietary tools with a rich set of techniques and practices to reduce the manual and automated test cycle time. We ensure maximum test coverage with minimum test cases leading to minimal cost and risk. 

Regression testing at Netwin TestCeL utilizes the proven methods and processes to ensure new releases, updates or patches do not compromise your systems’ quality. With our flexible staffing regression testing is done quickly when unintentional fault occur during development can rectify through regression testing from the initial state to end state. 

Today Software companies and enterprises are constantly challenged with shorter software release cycles while ensuring optimum test coverage and quality assurance. Some of the business challenges are:

  • To achieve effective regression cycles without an effect in costs
  • To reduce maintenance costs and regression cycle time and improving the quality of testing
  • Inability in determining the termination of testing and whether all risks have been addressed
  • To accelerate the releases of systems under test

We aim at providing maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases, which leads to minimal cost of appraisal and risk. Our innovative approach enables us to identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to the next. Our Solution include:

  • Rerunning previously run tests
  • Checking whether program behavior has changed
  • Whether previously fixed faults have re-emerged
  • Prioritizing testing in a manner that minimizes the risk of defect leakage to production

Regression Testing Services at Netwin TestCeL ensures that consistent, repeatable validation of each new software release is conducted, and features and operational behavior of the software is as per specification. Our services include a combination of manual and automated testing tools that deliver software products and applications as per specifications, thereby validating business solutions. 

While doing regression testing we identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to the next. Clear mapping of the change request specifications with the test cases to be run helps us to determine very clearly when to stop testing; and help prioritize, optimize and sequence the regression test suite to ensure optimal coverage at minimal cost. 

Our regression testing services ensure that the reported product defects are corrected for each new release and that no new quality problems were introduced in the maintenance process. We work with our customers to establish a structured repository and reusable assets for future regression of the system. 

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