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Performance Testing

Performance is one of the most important aspects concerned with the quality of software. It indicates how well a software system or component meets its requirements for timeliness. Performance testing can serve different purposes like:

  • To demonstrate that the system meets performance criteria.
  • To compare two systems to find which performs better.
  • To measure what parts of the system or workload causes the system to perform badly.

Performance testing is the process by which software is tested and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance. This process aims to optimize the most important application performance trait, the customer experience. 

As organizations continue to drive more customers to their applications, the increased traffic can push the application architecture's performance to limits. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify before an application is launched. When detected after launch, it often involves costly remedial work. 

We at Netwin TestCeL develop domain-specific performance testing strategies which are tailored to suit the performance requirements of our customers. A combination of manual and automated testing approach is used to evaluate the performance of the application under varying amounts of load, traffic and usage patterns. The response times are verified to ensure that they meet the required targets and any discrepancy is reported and further analyzed to take appropriate corrective actions. 

Netwin TestCeL’s highly customizable performance testing services help customers quickly detect performance issues prior to implementation. 

We offer high quality performance testing services at fair market pricing, while providing rapid response times for quoting, testing and reporting with high quality customer service and support. 

Netwin TestCeL’s performance testing services include:
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Soak Testing
  • Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning
  • Performance Consulting
  • Performance Code Reviews/Profiling

Our performance testing services has helped our clients reduce the risk of application/system failures and ensure that their systems operate seamlessly and consistently to meet clients expectations. 

We have developed, tested and deployed applications that serve thousands of users, performing millions of transactions that have been distributed over multiple locations. We have well versed and experienced performance testing team. Performance testing at Netwin TestCeL can answers questions like:
  • Can your website support 1,000 hits/second? If so, then for how long?
  • Can your e-commerce application handle 500 users searching for products and 250 users adding items to their shopping carts simultaneously?
  • What happens to application performance as the backend database gets larger and larger?

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