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ERP Customization & Interface Development


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that integrates all departments, functions and processes across a company into a unified software program. 

In current scenario most of companies are having multiple departments with many of them are computerized. A few departments may be using integrated ERP solution whereas in many sections the ERP is not properly implemented and these departments have their own software built in for their use within the department only. Consider a simple case of a customer order, when an order come, it has to pass through different departments and every department enters their details into its own software if not integrated. Under such cases, at any point of time it is difficult to find out the status of a specific order concerning specific aspects of it. The company managers / supervisors have to call each department to know the status of work. If ERP is implemented properly in all departments then all the departments are integrated, the order details are to be filled only once. Then order proceeds automatically from one department to another. But if a few departments are using different systems which are using different software then it creates problems in information flow e.g. electronic storage units or temperature controlled storage unit, sensors etc. The department has to enter information pertaining to its own activities

What Netwin offers?

Netwin offers ERP customization & interface development solutions with various other systems. It also includes implementation, Customization of Forms, Reports and post implementation support for 

    Oracle E-Business Suite 
    Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Consulting Services

Our system architect designs overall dataflow for the Enterprise including the future dataflow plan. Then our business process consultant studies the organization's current business processes and match them to the corresponding processes in the ERP system, thus configures the ERP system to the need of organization.

Customization Services

Customization is the process of extending or changing how the ERP system works by writing new user interfaces and underlying the application code. This is typically required due to local work practices, which are not part of the core routines of the ERP software. Customization services include development of custom extensions to base ERP system like forms, reports, workflows, alerts etc. Building solutions based on API to take care of the company's requirements.

Advantages with Netwin

The main focus of the implementation methodologies is ease of operation and reducing in the time required for lengthy operations which effectively results in Cost saving.

  • Immediate realization of benefits
  • Predictable implementation costs
  • Reducing implementation risks
  • Smooth transfer to newer version of Oracle Applications
Areas of Consulting
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • WIP
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Migration Services for forms, reports, data
Domain Knowledge

Netwin has sound knowledge base in banking, finance, manufacturing and retail sector. That is clearly seen from its sound base of satisfied clients in these sectors

We have experienced and skilled team of engineers and analyst in Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, Crystal Reports, SSRS reports, ork Flow Management Oracle Database & MS SQL server Database Java, JSP, J2EE Tomcat, Apache, JBoss, Web Logic, IIS. Our team of analyst and engineers are able to cater to any complex business requirements and we assure you a timely delivery of quality service.
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