CRM Solutions

Enrich your customer relationship with CRM Solutions.


Customer has always been center point of any business. At, Netwin we know the value of each customer with your business and necessity of building and maintaining strong relationship with customer. Our solution is designed to help you to increase customer satisfaction. It helps you to various key areas of CRM application like customer account management, campaign management, customer service, customer retention. It will help you to increase revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction.

You will be able to manage your customer contacts in an efficient manner and perform conclusive analysis in the area of CRM.

Our CRM solutions consist of

1.Customization of CRM
2.Interface Development

CRM Customization:

Our CRM customization solution is based on cutting edge CRM application Microsoft Dynamics from Microsoft Technologies. We shall customize and build necessary interfaces to suite your business requirements

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Build customer loyalty to drive repeat business. Used by leading companies worldwide, business solutions from Microsoft Dynamics CRM are:

  • Flexible, with options for deployment, purchase, and access.
  • Familiar and easy to use because it works like other Microsoft products.
  • Designed to fit your business through extensive customization and partner offerings.

The CRM is mainly caters to


Boost revenues and increase your sales pipeline accuracy with sales-force automation.

Customer Service

Deliver enhanced value to customers with real-time information and insights.


Improve your effectiveness with marketing solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Interface Development

We have strong expertise in building interfaces to various CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite CRM, Sugar CRM etc.

Interface to Netsuite CRM : Sales force Automation

In this case customer wanted to connect the field sales force with CRM application via Internet access. The products where uploaded and managed by admin in CRM application and the sales force were using handheld devices for order booking. The challenge was to synchronize the hand held devices on field to the CRM.


We have built interface site where sales person can login and download the products files and write to his device from any computer with Internet access may be from his home. The products data was automatically updated on this location through Web Services whenever there is any change in the products database. After his field work i.e. sales visits, the sales person was uploading the sales data in CSV format to the website and that was automatically updated to Netsuite CRM using APIs and Web services. The sales manager was scheduling sales calls through CRM to each sales person and that was automatically updated to his handheld device. For any change mail alerts were sent to sales manager and sale person.

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