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Why do I need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for my organization?
In today's dynamic and volatile market place, it is very important to know your customers very well and in order to maintain long term relationship with them, you should always know what is happening with them. Buying and Selling existed over long ago, and so as the relation with customers, but what is changing is the fast changing technology, know-how and this makes customers very demanding. You have to be always on your toes to satisfy customer demands. 

Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy to select and manage the most valuable customer relationships. CRM requires customer-centric business philosophy and culture to support effective marketing, sales and service processes. CRM software applications can enable effective customer relationship management, provided that an enterprise has the right leadership, strategy and culture. 

Looking at the speed at which the technology is changing today, any company which is a step ahead of others because of some product or service will not be able to hold on to that advantage for long. The key to stability in today's dynamic marketplace is forging long-term relationships with the customers. 

Customers can be classified into 3 areas:
  • Level 1: Here customers are extremely hostile and have the lowest level of satisfaction.
  • Level 2: At this level customers are not sure. They have a medium level of satisfaction and loyalty towards the company.
  • Level 3: The third level of customers are in the zone of affection described as "Apostles".
CRM focuses on bringing customers from level 1 to level 3 and retaining apostle customers. 
According to an IT study report published - "The winners in this new economy will be those companies that can effectively leverage the Internet to redesign, automate and integrate all business operations".

Organizing business to satisfy customer demands, organizes internal functioning of the organization. Implementing CRM brings to the front lacuna in the process of organization and it also focuses to implement standard processes which in turn results in improved communication with customers and increased profitability of the organization.

Netwin provides CRM implementation and customization solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Open Source Commercial Sugar CRM. We have experienced team of business analysts to help you tackle your problems at the earliest and help you to maintain more satisfied customers. 

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