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Application Migration

Unleash the potential of your existing application!!!
With the fast changing Technology and growing business across globe, companies globally are faced with challenges that require them to update their applications and legacy systems with the latest technologies. Our Application Migration solution efficiently moves applications to modern platforms with the latest architectures and designs and at the same time preserving its original goals. 

At Netwin, Our team of experts is very capable of creating application migration solutions tailored to help organizations dealing with their out-dated technologies. We help you with the smooth transition of your application without any setback on your valuable data and at the same time retaining the basic features of your established business model. We understand your migration needs and work methodically to deliver reliable on time results in the most cost-effective way. 

We provide you with solutions for flawless application migration taking care of planning, installing, testing and support. You will also experience a cost reduction in the maintenance of the upgraded applications. 

Our application migration services include:
  • Porting of legacy application software
  • Application migration from one technology/platform to another
    •    Classic ASP to ASP.Net, C# Application Migration
    •    VB6 to VB.Net Application Migration
    •    PHP to ASP.Net Application Migration
    •    Visual Foxpro to ASP.NET, C# Application Migration
    •    Oracle Forms 6i to Oracle Forms 10g Application Migration
  • Database migration
    •    My SQL to Oracle Data Migration
    •    MySQL to SQL Server Data Migration
    •    MS Access to SQL Server 2005/2008 Data Migration
    •    SQL 2000 to SQL 2005/2008 Data Migration
  • Code restructuring
  • Performance enhancement
  • Risk management
  • Pre and Post migration support

While working on your application migration, our team of experts follows a solid and structured risk management model so as to ensure you that the migration process will be smoothly transited from one platform to another without any undue performance lapse or process stagnation and without any damage to your valuable & sensitive data.

Please feel free to Contact Us to solve the challenges of your application migration; our team of professionals, equipped with latest set of skills, will be pleased to assist you as promptly as possible.